Installing Your Gallery-Wrapped Canvas is as Easy as 1-2-3

(1) Remove

  • Remove your Gallery-Wrapped Canvas from the box. Remove all packaging material and flip canvas over onto a flat surface, facing the front of the canvas downwards.
  • Locate your provided steel saw-hooks. The hooks can be applied with pressure but you may also want to grab a small hammer or mallet to assist you with setting the hooks in position.

(2) Prepare

  • Decide where you want to hang your gallery-wrapped canvas and how you want it to hang. The hooks are not pre-installed so that you can hang your canvas any way that you want! Make sure to place the hooks with the teeth pointing downward, so it catches your nail when hanging.
  • Place one steel sawhook in the middle of the top frame for small canvases or place the two steel sawhooks evenly apart in the top frame bar for larger canvases. These can be pushed in or lightly tapped with a hammer or mallet

(3) Install

  • With your sawhooks securely applied to the top frame section, measure the distance apart from center to center. Then drill or hammer two holes in the wall, the same distance apart where you would like the canvas to hang.
  • Make sure you are using strong nails or screws that can withstand the weight of your canvas and re-level your canvas as necessary. Enjoy!

Helpful Tips for Installation!

- Two people are highly recommended for installation of the larger gallery-wrapped canvases. This will help you to hold and level your points.

- Make sure when installing the steel sawhooks that you apply only light and even pressure so as to not damage your frame.

- We recommend using at least 2 inch screws/nails for hanging the canvas, as well as using a stud-finder, to ensure the canvas is supported on the wall.

- We also recommend using a level when placing the sawhooks and hanging your canvas on the wall. Measure twice, hang once!!.